ACI Systems offers a full range of support services designed that can be tailored to the needs of each customer. By choosing to exclusively sell, service and support Nortel Network systems, ACI Systems has been able to develop a high level of technical competence in support services. By maintaining one manufacturer's inventory and training our on one product line ACI Systems is able to provide a high level of service desired by our customers. Support services include Warranty service, partial and full maintenance plans as well as time and material services. Engineering support services for upgrades, system expansion and application developments are provided on a customized quote basis.  All Warranty and Maintenance service is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Installation Services

ACI Systems provides turnkey installation support services with all new and refurbished system installations. Dedicated Project Management services are provide to include system design, programming, end user and system administration training as well as a project manager who will provide complete coordination of all installation requirements associated with the project. Installation will be coordinated with the customer to insure smooth system transition to minimize down time and provide a responsive help desk and problem resolution procedure. Once successful system installation is complete system Warranty service would begin.


Warranty Service

ACI Systems provides 12-month warranty service on all new systems sold. This includes all parts and labor associated with the system including hardware, software and labor. Warranty response times are consistent with our full service maintenance agreements. Emergency response time within 2 hours and Routine response time within 24 hours. All systems are equipped with either a Remote Access Device for Norstar systems and an intelligent Site Event Buffer Modem for Meridian 1 systems. Both allow ACI Systems to access systems remotely in a quick response. When able the problem will be cleared remotely, otherwise the dispatched technician will be sent with the appropriate parts to the site. Move, Add and Change work will be done either on a remote basis or scheduled within 24 hours at the agreement of the customer.


Maintenance Service

ACI Systems provides customized service plans to meet the needs of each customer. Upon the expiration of the Warranty period a Maintenance plan will be provided to the customer. Because many customers desire to have the choice between providing some degree of self maintenance and full service, ACI Systems offers both partial and full maintenance plans. Full Maintenance would like Warranty service cover all hardware, software and labor on a 24-hour/365 day schedule. Partial Maintenance would be customized to allow the customer to maintain a portion of the system with ACI Systems providing the remaining portion of the system. The most common version of this type of plan would have the customer providing service on the telephones. Under this arrangement the customer would have some spare telephones and would replace the set and arrange for ACI Systems to replace the defective set in a depot drop ship manner. Other versions of partial maintenance are available on a custom basis Nortel offers training classes that can provide certification for customers who desire to become more self reliant for the more day to day maintenance tasks. For customers who do not chose a maintenance plan service is available on a time and material basis. Best effort to provide response times consistent with our service plans is made.