(ACI) Systems:

Company Cameo

ACI Systems  has been maintaining and delivering telecommunications equipment for many years in the Northwest area with great savings to our customers.

Our technical support team has been fully certified by Northern Telecom in all aspects of the Option Switches from ACD queue’s to Engineering. We offer move, add and change packages or full maintenance coverage at about ˝ the price of GTE and other venders.

We are devoted to providing our customers with products and services of the highest quality standards. In addition to our 24-hour telephone assistance and on-site service, we offer many free services such as NPA/NXX updates and product release bulletins (faxed or emailed) to valued customers.

If a unique application requires a special design ACI SYSTEMS engineering personnel are available for consultation. In addition, sales representatives with engineering expertise are located throughout the Northwest.

As a small company, we have found our size to be an advantage. Many of the customers we service are tired of having to deal with large vendors who are less flexible in their approach and equipment. We are perceived as an additional resource or a partner, rather than an outside hassle to deal with.

As a partner, our customers call upon us to help them find ways to save money, time and avoid frustrations. Most of the time, we are able to offer suggestions by looking into the methods and equipment our customers are using. Sometimes the equipment is old or outdated. Other times the equipment is wrong for the application. Each customer has unique needs.

If you find your frustration level continuing to rise with no apparent solution in sight, it might be time to reassess how you are doing things. It may be time to have ACI SYSTEMS evaluate your overall equipment, future requirements and technical support needs.


 ACI and its engineers have implemented CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), Voice Over IP and is at the forefront of Communication Technologies.

Past and on going projects consists of the following: Everett Naval Station, Pac-norwest, Boeing, Dynamic Technology Systems and Blue Cross just to name a few. 

To see firsthand how our services can benefit your organization, give us a call today.